9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension

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$29.95 $24.95

9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension

Safety FeaturesFlanged Base
Powered byN/A
FunctionsProsthetic Penis Enhancer
Special FeaturesExtra Large
Toy Size9” Long x 2” Wide

9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension

Large, Hollow Latex Strap-On

9 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$29.95 $24.95

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Product Details

Massive and Realistic
The 9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension isn’t a way to add a little more girth or an inch or two of length - it’s an unapologetically huge sex toy that’s made for one thing: satisfaction. Designed to be comfortably worn by a male user, the hollow interior allows the wearer to insert their penis and use this firm latex dick as if it were their own. Adjustable straps keep the fit perfect, and the realistic coloring and texture on the surface make this fantasy feel like lusty reality.

The All Night Special
Love to watch your lover get off over and over, even if you’ve already had your fun? The 9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension gives you the power to keep going for as long as you like - no erection required. Make this intense sex toy a part of your bedroom play!

9” Perfect Harness Penis Extension Reviews
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I am self-conscious about my small penis, and although my wife says she doesn't care and that she actually likes it, I wanted to give her something she could really enjoy. Let me tell you - I hvae never seen her so wet or turned on!! She went CRAZY over this cock, and it might just have made our marriage a little bit sweeter.

By Cliff, Detroit, MI

Nice size if you want to give her something big, but it would be nice if it was a bit more flexible to make it more comfortable for both people, but it's still good.

By Zacky, New York City

There once was a man with a small dick. He dreamed for something thick. He ordered the extension which turned him into perfection, and his life is way better since.

By Sex Poet, Fresno, CA

Overall, I'd say it's pretty good. It's got a realistic look and it's a good size but sometimes the straps come loose, and I have to stop and fix it. Other than that, at 2 inches thick, it's almost too much for my wife to bear - but she does a good job. I love to see what's she's capable of taking - such a TURN ON!!!

By Not Bad, Boston

Got what I ordered, so no big complaints. I think it might be a bit bigger than I expected, but that's okay.

By J.H., Pennsylvania

Both me and my wife enjoy this extension very much. She loves the way it feels, and I love seeing her face and hearing her scream when I enter her. It's really a great addition to our sex box, and and it's not too expensive.

By Howie, Atlanta, GA

I didn't like this. It was way too big for my girlfriend, and honestly I think it's too big for every girl out there - no way should a girl be stretching herself to two inches!! I don't know, maybe some people like it, so I'll give it 3 stars.

By Josh, Brooklyn

It adds a lot of length, and I can use it well even when i'm soft so I can always satisfy my gf.

By Nick, Pheonix, AZ

I have tried the other hollow cocks before and I can't get them to stay on. With these straps it makes it easy and the big size makes for a nice pounding on your woman, if she can even take it. My girl had a hard time getting it all in but we managed and she was soaked!

By Bad Boy, Denver
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