Mangasm Buzz

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Mangasm Buzz

MaterialMedical Grade Silicone
Safety FeaturesFlared Base
Powered by3 LR3 Batteries
Special FeaturesN/A
Toy SizeLength: 4.5” Width: 1.2”

Mangasm Buzz

Feel the thrill of 5 vibration modes

22 Reviews
Retail Price Web Only Price
$115.95 $114.95

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Product Details

Mangasm Buzz Is Cool
The Mangasm Buzz prostate toy is made from silicone, and features a powerful 5 mode vibration bullet. The shape of the Mangasm Buzz is distinct from all the other Mangasm tools and offers one of our most intense male g spot stimulation experiences. The multiple ripples on the Mangasm Buzz's surface, in combination with the curved tip, allow for a memorable experience.

Get Buzzed Now
But it's not just the shape of the Mangasm Buzz that is built to please - the real pleasure is delivered with the 5 mode removable vibration bullet built right into the tool. This adult anal toy is a little pleasure machine on its own - but turn on the vibration and you are in for a nice surprise. The 5 vibration modes stimulate the entire area surrounding the prostate, firing off all of your pleasure sensors at once. When you orgasm while using the Mangasm Buzz anal sex toy, WATCH OUT. There will be a lot to clean up.

Mangasm Buzz Reviews
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The toy might just get inserted into the rectum, but when I used it with the vibration settings on, I felt great feeling, tingling sensations all over my body. I could feel my nipples get had and waves of pleasure from there down to my penis. Best to use with the vibrations for the most enjoyment.

By tsunere, Chicago

The Mangasm Buzz is a little overpriced, in my opinion. It's quality made, though, so I suppose that makes the price worthwhile. I'm a bargain hunter and would have preferred to be able to get it on sale. Or at least enjoy a freebie or some other promotion with it. (Something to think about Mangasm!) Works well when I'm in the mood for anal play and extra prostrate stimulation.

By KeroWolf, Colorado

i've never tried a sex toy on myself before and was surprised at the size of this thing. The angle was a little uncomfortable and doesn't seem to be made for a guy. Once I relaxed my sphincter muscles enought to relax, it felt better. The vibrations are pleasant. I wouldn't call them mindblowing. Not sure if I'll use it on myself again any time soon. My girlfriend loves for herself. She decided to try it after I gave it a good cleaning.

By DvlLook, here

I liked the 5 levels of vibrations and the size of the product. The silicone surface is easy to insert and clean. My only wish is that the vibrations weren't so long. To me the product had a very audible vibrating sound that I thought was really distracting. Kind of like a mega-sized annoying fly buzzing in my room.

By dsumrow1, dalhart, tx

Rather impressed. Ideal vibration, size and hardness for me.

By DTV88, CA

Definitely not the cheapest vibrating butt and prostrate stimulator out there. Still well worth the money spent.

By Bignuf, A Happy Place

My wife bought this for me and was the one who used it on me when we first tried it. I wasn't sure what to expect. Decided to humor her because I love her and because I'm always up for a little sex-play experimentation. Gave me one of the most satisfying orgasms I've ever had.

By CrypticThought, Nebraska

All I can say is that I should have had a towel handy when I used this baby. I've never had so much cum shoot out as far as it did.

By SweeTT, USA

I read that another user said he had a gallon of cum when he used this thing. I thought he was exaggerating and was skeptical that a toy could cause that to happen. I was intrigued enough to try so I bought the product. Might not have experienced that gallon of cum, but I'd don't think I've ever released so much semen.

By ththpup, Miami

My cock was doing an amazing happy dance with the help of this thing shoved up my ass.

By BlooJay, Washington

I wanted something a longer and wider than the butt plugs I've been using. And this product delivered. I don't use the vibration that often. Just inserting it is enough. The vibration is almost too much for me and brings me over the edge faster than I usually want.

By Scotch Luvrs, Chicago

My body's loving you guys at Mangasm. Great product. Love the 5 vibrations speeds.

By bratcat, Atlanta

Product as advertised. Everything they send in the description turned out to be true. The highest vibration speed was too strong for me, though. Almost made my teeth rattle.

By TheRakeLover, san francisco

Works great for solo or partner play. Thick shaft provides great stretching and the vibration settings sent ripples of pleasure through my body.

By CupidsPlace, Eden

You'd never guess the powerful punch this thing delivers just by looking at the non-discript packaging it came in. Worth every penny.

By TrenchcoatHunters, Michigan

The super smooth silicone surface made sliding this baby in real easy. I wouldn't suggest shoving it in too quickly because it's thick. Slowly easing it in is the best way to go.

By gabs33, usa

Insertion is surprisingly easy considering the girth of this toy and its angle. The size alone without the vibration was enough to stimulation for me, but I decided to try the vibration anyways. All I can say is wow.

By funnyface, Indiana

The size and rather pronounced angle of the toy means this isn't one for a newbie to anal sex toys. But for those who are used to having items inserted in their anuses, this vibrating prostrate stimulator brings a whole new level of pleasure.

By GS500, Dallas/NYC

I've tried those narrow vibrators like the kind women use. A straight tube with a dial bottom. I liked this one much better. It's thicker, so gave more stretch. Plus the bottom part rested outside my a-hole so I didn't have to worry about my muscle contractions pulling the thing all the way inside my body.

By robberknot, New York

It's like a gigantic vibrating butt plug. Love it!

By dngr1337 , Pennsylvania

I wasn't too sure about what I thought looked like a very major curve in the shaft part of the toy. But I gotta admit that my concerns weren't founded. It's a great product and has given me some of the best orgasms I've ever had.

By JoshJosh123, Cali

The silicone material is super easy to clean, which is something that's important. Both me and my boyfriend use it. We're thinking of getting another one so that we can each use one at the same time if we want to.

By Robespierrethecat, Evanston, IL

Seriously - vibration plus that angled shape - has resulted in the most pleasure I've ever experienced in my entire life. You guys deserve a NOBEL PRIZE!

By Brian S., Columbia, MO

This is my first silicone prostate stimulation toy and I'm glad I made the switch. I have a couple of the hard plastic ones from Aneros - but the hard plastic is not very comfortable. I've used the Mangasm Buzz about 10 times already... I think in a few minutes I'll go for try number 11!

By Edward, Manitoba, Canada

I thought it would be difficult to insert because of the angled tip - but I just took things slowly - and it went right in. The angle is more intense than any other prostate toy I've tried. It really "hits the spot". Seriously, there was a gallon of cum when I was finished. I would advise though, that you add an option to have this one with a less intense vibration feature - it nearly was too much for me at first.

By Chris P., Ann Harbor, MI

The Mangasm Buzz's vibration gave me a new feeling. It felt like my whole body was shaking and I started to orgasm without even touching my penis very much. Just wanted to write to tell you this, so that you guys could post it and other people can see it.

By Paul L., Vancouver, Canada

I had bought several Aneros prostate massage tools before, but they were hard and hurt a little bit. A friend told me about your website- and that the toys were not made of hard materials... so I became interested. I have purchased this Mangasm Buzz and just want to write to tell you all that it was pretty comfortable because it is made of silicone. I use it a few times a week, and I am a satisfied customer.

By Timothy, Louisville, KY

The Mangasm Buzz seriously made me cum 3 times in about 2 hours. When I put it in there and turn on the vibration - I can't help but have an orgasm. But one issue - not really related to the toy - but to the delivery. It was delivered by Fedex, and in my area, their service is very, very bad. I would like to see more delivery options.

By Ben., Evanston, IL
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