MaterialABS + Silicone
Safety FeaturesUser Controlled Stimulation
Powered by4 AAA batteries
Functions10+ Electro-stimulation Modes
Special FeaturesUnique E-stim Toy
Toy SizeLength: 5” Width: 1”

Mangasm Electro

The world's first electronic Prostate Stimulator

6 Reviews
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Product Details

The Safest Electronic Toy
The Mangasm Electro is for the special breed of man who is looking for something more from his prostate stimulator. The Mangasm Electro uses 2 AAA batteries and a microprocessor to deliver several pre-programmed electronic stimulation routines to your prostate and perineum. The safe electronic impulses cause involuntary muscle contractions in the part of your body that is most susceptible to pleasure, helping you to reach new highs you never imagined were possible.

Get Pleasure In Healthy Way
The great thing about the Mangasm Electro is that it also uses the same type of technology often applied in doctor's offices to help men with a variety of prostate-related health problems. The Mangasm Electro is the perfect mix of pleasure and health. Give it a try. You'll be happy you did!

Mangasm Electro Reviews
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The name of this product turned me off at first. The idea of zapping any area around my cock with electricity didn't appeal to me. My wife told me that isn't really what this product does and there's medical benefits to this supposed electro-magnetic therapy. i wasn't interested in the product for the therapy part but decided to still try it. The sensations it gives are definitely different. It felt good but I'm not too sure about how often I'm going to want to go to the trouble of inserting, positioning and fiddling with the buttons on this thing.

By Red Rum, Boston

Used it with my wife and can definitely say it increased my sexual pleasure. I used it while she was riding me and wondering if she could feel it too, but she said she didn't.

By ninja250, Oklahoma

Fits great and has as sturdy handle so it's easy to slide it in and move it around. The remote is easy to use and I definitely noticed that when I increased the pulse intensity, it felt like more blood was rushing to perineum which I think is what helped me have an almost painfully hard erection and such an intense orgasm.

By Lowl, Austin TX

I was expecting little zaps of electricity with this product. I guess it does give off electricity but it's not like the experience of sticking your finger in a socket. The feelings can be intense so I would suggest the first time you use it that you place the device against your leg and find a comfortable degree of intensity instead of playing around with the levels while it's inserted.

By xxsquigglesxx, Canada

Not sure what to write about this. The sensations it creates are, well, indescribable. Never experienced anything like this before. And I mean this in a good way.

By Terrapin, NY

I came faster than I expected when I used this and manual penis stimulation. It gave my penis a feeling of expanding and swelling that I've never felt before. It's hard to describe, but it felt really good.

By Jax Jackson, Boston
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