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Pink Lady Super Ribbed

Tight ribbed canal will get you off!

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Product Details

The Pink Lady Super Ribbed Fleshlight looks like an ordinary woman on the outside, but feels like a superwoman on the inside. Inside the protective plastic casing is the famous Super Ribbed Fleshlight, which features 72 small ribs that will glide up and down your penis, bringing you to an amazing orgasm. While using this Fleshlight, men often report particularly intense sensations to the heads of their penises, especially if the penis head is particularly large. The ribs, when enough lube is applied, will tightly grip your entire penis, but the sensations will focus on the penis head.

Most of our customers choose to pair this Fleshlight with the Mangasm Alpha, and for good reason - increased pleasure! Don't forget the lube.

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As a fan of Fleshlights for the past few years, I never got around to picking up a Pink Lady Super Ribbed Fleshlight until now. I thought that these ribs would feel like the Fleshlight STU ribs, but I was wrong. The STU ribs feel almost too tight and too good and make me blow too fast. I prefer these ribs which add just the right amount of grip, and are not so tight that I cum too fast.

By Jimmy, Cleveland, OH

I'm a US expat living in Beijing, China. I was very worried about shipping this thing over here but in the end I did not have any problem with the Chinese customs authorities. This Super Ribbed Pink Lady Fleshlight is my first Fleshlight and I just want to write to tell you how pleased I was with both the product and professional service. I do recommend though, that you pack it better for international buyers. It was not damaged, but it could have been.

By George, Beijing, China

I give the Super Ribbed Pink Lady Fleshlight a 7.5/10. I'm a frequent user of the original Fleshlight and a big fan of the Mangasm "tools". But I just didn't think this Fleshlight feel realistic as some of the others. Sure, the ribs feel good, but it doesn't feel like a woman. The original Fleshlight Pink Lady feels like real sex - so I prefer it over this one.

By Rahul, Milwaukee, WI

The Fleshlight Super Ribbed is better than the real thing. Easy to clean. Satisfied customer.

By Steve, Jacksonville, FL
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