Is there variety in the world of prostate massagers?

Most guys who have heard of prostate massagers are eager to take the plunge. But they quickly become bored with the traditional idea of manual prostate stimulation. Of course, you are still going to experience intense, powerful orgasms even with plain, old manual stimulation. But there are plenty of ways you can add variance and variety to your prostate stimulation.

In this article, you will learn about the following:

1. Using male anal beads as prostate massagers
2. Using prostate toys with electrical impulses for the ultimate experience
3. Using prostate toys that vibrate
4. Using a special perineum stimulating prostate toy for one of the most powerful orgasms imaginable

Of course, you should already be experienced with using these toys at this point. If you have not already learned the basics of manually stimulating your prostate with a basic toy (such as the Mangasm Rush or Mangasm Alpha) then we recommend you start there. If you haven’t even used your finger yet, it is the ultimate way to get started. All you need is a pair of latex gloves and a little bit of lubricant and you can learn how to do it. After that, move on to adding variety!

Male anal beads are very different than those designed for women. Most toys designed for women are connected together with a thing string, allowing the beads to be very flexible.

Other than their increased size, they aren’t very different from the regular beaded necklaces you might find. Toys designed for men are firmer, and they tend to have a silicone or rubber strand connecting the beads. This allows them to maintain their shape for stimulating the prostate, while also adding the excitement that comes with the stretching of the sphincter muscle.

Prostate massagers that rely on electrical impulses (such as the Mangasm Electro) are the cutting edge of prostate stimulation. They deliver small electrical pulses to the gland, helping to stimulate it in ways that are impossible with manual stimulation. We recommend you read up more on this toy if you are interested in it.

Prostate stimulation through vibration is typically the second step that most guys will take. Everyone knows that the buzzing of a vibrator feels great. But when you apply this micro-stimulation to the prostate, it helps to produce more fluid, and therefore a more intense orgasm. Working yourself with a toy like the Mangasm Buzz or the more adventurous Mangasm Voyager can help to take you from experiencing super orgasms to unbelievable orgasms. If you have never tried a vibrating prostate toy before, then this should be your next step.

Finally, you can achieve some of the most spectacular orgasms by using a toy that combines internal and external prostate stimulation. One of the best on the market is the Mangasm Spark, which not only utilizes a curved head for perfect internal stimulation, but the base has seven perineum stimulating tips that help to constrict the prostate from the outside.

The end result of using this toy has to be seen to be believed. There are a number of videos on the web showing what happens when a guy properly uses this toy. The internal and external stimulation combine to constrict the prostate in just the right manner, resulting in a narrower chamber for the seminal fluid to evacuate the prostate. The end result is an orgasm that lasts far longer than anything possible with conventional methods. Because of the narrower opening, the fluid is also evacuated with far more force, making this one of the best prostate massagers for those looking for “super money shots.”