The modern day Adult Store

Mangasm ToysThere's a powerful tendency in modern day enterprises to turn everything adult into a slightly more mature version of Disneyland. It happened in Las Vegas. Where once upon a time all gambling was controlled by the mob, today it is controlled by large corporations. Many of the big hotel chains operate family friendly hotels where the gambling is rigorously controlled, the experience is safe and predictable and you won't find a mobster no matter how hard you search.


The same revolution has occurred in the adult store industry. From being a sleazy red light business in the backstreets of big cities, which attracted mainly late night prowlers and the lonely raincoat brigade, today, the adult store is more likely to be located in your local mall.


While still restricted to 18 year olds, all adult stores today are heavily regulated. The interior of such stores is very much like any other. Well lit, with lots of promotions, sex toys boldly displayed, DVD's divided by taste and inclination, and smiling, helpful uniformed staff.


In both the US and the UK, the clean up brigade has ensured that your visit to an adult store is as safe as a visit to your local library. There is no more sleaze, only slick marketing expertise. Big business has completely taken over the sex toy industry. The sex toys on offer are sold by multi- million dollar corporations. Many would say that these developments are to be welcomed, but for others, the naughtiness, the sense of daring and the edgy sleaze was something to be enjoyed, but now it's gone.


The most famous red light district in Britain, known as Soho, is now nothing but a couple of streets lined with up-market restaurants and media offices. A few adult stores remain, but they are part of the big chain stores. The all night sex cinemas and rip off sex clubs have all been shut down. The whole area, as with all of Britain, is protected by 24 hour CCTV.