Anal Butt Plug - What to look for in an anal butt plug

The all important flared base of the butt plug is an essential piece of design. The idea behind a butt plug is not unlike a dummy being inserted in the mouth as a baby. It creates a feeling of fullness and contentment while it is in place, and just like the human mouth, the anal sphincter is capable of a sucking motion. Without the flared base it is possible for an anal butt plug to become lodged in the rectum, and even enter the sigmoid colon, which is not something you would wish to happen.

Use of a butt plug requires large amounts of water based lubrication, both on the toy and around the anus, and lubrication must be maintained throughout the session. Anally curious men can practice on butt beginner sets which start out at very modest sizes and graduate to a medium sized plug. Safe use of butt plugs means they should also be wrapped in a condom so as not to spread contamination of invisible bacteria from the anus. It is also important to choose a material for the butt stimulating toy which is possible to disinfect such as tempered glass, stainless steel, stone, or silicone. Each session should end with proper disinfecting of the anal butt plug.

Sexual butt plug designs are many, there are penis shaped ones, diamond shaped, even bomb shaped butt plugs. They vary in girth from as small as a quarter inch in diameter to a rectally challenging 6 inches, which is only for the extreme anal play expert. Certain butt plugs even have pony tails attached to them for kinky horseplay.

Anal butt plugs once inserted can be kept inside the anus nestling against the rectal wall and the prostate for long periods of time. Added sensation can also be enjoyed with a motorized vibratory action. It's important not to be quick or rough when inserting anything inside the anus and care needs to be taken with prolonged use of prostate massagers not to weaken or damage the sphincter muscles which provide the anus with it elasticity.