Which Anal Lube should you use?

ID Glide Lube 2.2 oz - mangasmAnal lube is quite literally the grease that keeps the wheels spinning when it comes to anal sex play. Everything you insert inside the anus, be it your finger or a sex toy requires lube around the entrance to the anus and on the sex toy itself. You also need to keep applying lube regularly to ensure that everything is nice and slippery. You do not want to find a situation where a toy becomes clamped inside your anus and is impossible to budge. It can happen and it has happened when people thought they could do without lube. The anus has no natural lubricant of its own so lubing is a must.

The amount of choice in lubrication for sex on online sex stores can become rapidly confusing. Broadly they divide themselves into three categories:

- Water based
- Silicone based
- Oil based

Water based lubes

Water based sexual lube is compatible with just about all the adult anal sex toys you use. Water based anal lube cleans up easily but can also dry up quickly too so frequent applications will be required.

Silicone based lubes

Silicone based lubes are thinner in texture than water based, and supply long lasting slickness, they also work in water. Be careful with sex toys because silicone can break down the chemical properties of certain silicone male anal toys.

Oil based lubes

Oil based anal lube has a naturally high viscosity, only one application is needed during the session, but bear in mind oil breaks down the chemical properties of latex, be it gloves or condoms making them unsafe to use. Also, never use oil based sex lubrication for vaginal sex.