Experience anal prostate stimulation alone or with your girlfriend

Are you and your girl considering experimenting with anal prostate stimulation? If you are, then you’re about to embark on a journey of sexual gratification unlike any you have ever experienced before.

Prostate stimulation is still a touchy subject with many men. There are plenty of guys who will never even think about giving it a try. Of the guys who do, only a small percentage will actually go through with it. But those who do, like you, are about to learn one of the greatest sex tricks in the entire book. With a bit of practice the quality of your orgasms will exceed your wildest dreams—resulting in longer harder male G-spot orgasms.

If the scale of orgasm goes from one to ten, then those provided by stimulating the prostate is sure to be an eleven. Maybe even a twelve. There are a number of reasons why stimulating the prostate increases the quality of your orgasm so significantly. Let’s explore the way the prostate provides pleasure during your orgasm so that you can understand exactly why things get so fantastic.

During sexual stimulation a few things happen. The testicles actually play one of the smallest roles in the process. They are really only there to produce the actual sperm. The stimulation of the penis plays a large role in stimulating you orgasm, but it is the prostate that actually provides the signal for your body to ejaculate. When the prostate is full of semen, it will constrict, forcing the fluid out into the urethra. It will merge with the sperm from your testicles, and then rush through your penis. The thicker the fluid, the more intense the experience!

Anal prostate stimulation increases the amount of fluid that the prostate produces within a short period of time. The feelings of orgasm are largely provided by the prostate and the feeling of having the fluid pushing through the urethra. When there is more fluid in the prostate, it will push through your penis with more force, which contributes to a bigger, messier, more fulfilling orgasm. With constant stimulation during the orgasm, you will also heighten the sensation felt on and in your prostate, which helps to improve your overall experience, too.

With a bit of practice you can learn to maintain the right amount of pressure on the prostate during your orgasm. Doing this properly will allow you to shoot your fluid with more force—intensifying the pleasure of your super prostate orgasm. After you master this technique you will be able to launch your fluid out with multiple spurts. Many men report that they are able to go through their entire ejaculation with six or seven spurts. Compare this to a normal orgasm, which is two or three powerful spurts, followed by weaker contractions that only produce a dribble of cum to pour from the tip.

If you want to improve the quality of your orgasms, then there is definitely nothing better than trying anal prostate stimulation. Getting a toy like the Mangasm alpha or the Mangasm buzz will allow you to stimulate the prostate properly without needing to use your finger. Within moments of first inserting the toy, you will feel the impending orgasm. You will then realize that you have been missing out on this experience for quite some time.

There are many other toys that you can use for stimulation of your prostate, too. Take a look at some of the “entry level” toys, such as the Alpha or Buzz. From there, consider moving up to some more advanced options, like the voyager, spark, or electro.