How to Perform Anal Prostate Stimulation with Safety in Mind

Most guys who are into anal prostate stimulation think that they merely need to get over the slight pain of slipping a finger or toy in their ass. There are two reasons why this is completely misguided. First, the feeling of sliding a toy in your ass is actually rather pleasant, especially if you have sized yours properly. Secondly, you need to be more concerned about putting too much pressure on your prostate during the stimulation process.

In this article, you will learn:

• How to safely stimulate your prostate
• Whether anal prostate stimulation is safer with your finger or a male prostate toy
• How to teach your partner about anal prostate stimulation

Firstly, understand that the prostate is a very sensitive gland. Too much pressure on the gland can damage it. This damage can result in prostatitis, and in some cases you can even develop a gangrenous infection. This is easy to avoid though. Just don’t apply too much pressure! But how do you know how much pressure is too much? Well, that’s pretty easy, too.

When you start to feel the pleasure originating in your prostate, you are applying enough pressure. There is no need to put any more pressure on the gland once it starts to feel good. It’s as simple as that, but let me say it in a third way. If it feels good when you start to push on your prostate, you need to stop applying pressure to avoid potential damage!

So, you would think that it is going to be safer to use your finger for stimulating your prostate. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though! Most prostate stimulating toys are designed for easy insertion, and the bulbous tip allows you to feel the right amount of pleasure and pressure without the need for you to push on it any harder. When using your finger, you may experience ecstatic pressure during orgasm, and it is much easier to push too hard with your finger.

When using a male prostate sex toy, there is also usually a perineum stimulator, which doubles as a safety ring. This stimulator prevents the toy from slipping all the way in your ass, which means you won’t have to worry about going to the doctor or trying to squeeze the toy out on the toilet.

So, while it is easy and simple for you to know when you are applying just enough pressure, how can you teach your partner? Well, the best way to do this is by communicating with him or her during the prostate stimulation process. After a while, he or she will learn how much pressure is enough, and you won’t need to worry about guiding them in the process anymore. Stay vocal, and communicate when it feels good enough.

Tell your partner that once you tell him or her that they are making it feel good that they should maintain that level of pressure throughout the rest of the experience. This will keep them from going too far. You should also tell them about the risks of providing too much pressure. The porno films we tend to watch have taught us that harder, faster, and deeper is always better. While this might be true for those sex super stars, normal people don’t find it to be quite as fulfilling when a toy is being rammed up their ass like a sword. Letting your partner know this in no uncertain terms is the best way to stay safe.

When you get massage your prostate, you are going to experience feelings that are far beyond anything you could have ever imagined, and staying safe is very important to avoiding injury and embarrassment.