Get rewarded with an amazing orgasm by having the balls to use an anal toy

I know a lot of guys who will never have the guts to use an anal toy. I could care less, though, because it is their loss. You see, I am not afraid to use a butt toy to stimulate my prostate, and my wife actually enjoys it. We have been married for about twenty years, and we have done just about anything you could imagine when it comes to sex. But it was only recently that I had learned about prostate stimulation and decided that I wanted to give it a try. If I hadn’t read a specific article, I probably would have written it off as something that wasn’t really interesting for me. But the article I read turned me on to the idea of having a mega orgasm.

I found a piece in a magazine that I like to read about using an anal toy to stimulate the prostate. It was a follow up piece to an article that tried to convince you to let your girlfriend pop her finger in your ass when she was giving you a blow job. I had done that plenty of times before, and I knew it felt good. I just never made the leap to replacing the finger with a renal stimulating toy. I hadn’t realized just what it was that felt so good about having the finger in there while I was getting sucked off.

The article recommended I check out a butt prostate stimulator I don’t remember which one it recommended. I know that I bought the Mangasm Alpha, because I wasn’t too keen on sticking the biggest thing I could find up my ass. The toy is small, and it is designed to stimulate the prostate just right. It is shaped to accommodate the male anatomy. Once it is inside, the bulbous tip puts just the right amount of pressure on the prostate gland. Before you know it, your prostate is full of semen and you are about to ride a wave of orgasmic pleasure as stream after stream of cum shoots out of your dick.

I didn’t even know that my body could do something like this. I always thought those money shots you see in porno movies were only possible if you were some sort of freak of nature. Now I think I know the secret. Those guys use prostate stimulation. Think about it. How often do you see a guy’s ass while he is blowing his load all over the girl? It is really rare. They usually have a close up, just showing you the tip and the part of the woman that he is jazzing on. That is because, I think, that there is someone stimulating his prostate.

I can’t be sure if this is exactly what is happening, and I don’t think they will ever release their secret. It just wouldn’t be as impressive if every guy knew how to do what they do in the movies. Anyway, I really think that you should give it a try if you want to have an intense orgasm. But like I said before, I could care less if you keep missing out on these amazing orgasms.

I know that I now have a technique that will take me to the most intense orgasms that I could ever imagine. If I hadn’t learned about this technique, then I would still be happily experiencing regular orgasms. Now that I know what I would be missing, I can’t imagine having an orgasm without an anal toy, and I like those that I purchased from the best.