Big Anal Toys - Some like it the bigger the better

It's a part of man's destiny to want to go bigger, better, faster, and this same principle applies to anal toys.


Big anal toys include butt plugs and dildos, and many of these can reach eye watering proportions. Some are as wide as soft drink cans and twice the length. To insert this size of big anal toy takes a lot practice, a lot of lubrication and not a little determination.


Some of the dildos designed for anal play have awesome girth and height as well. They are capable of stretching the anus to over two inches in diameter.


One of the favorite big anal toys for dedicated anal enthusiasts is a toy known as the B-52 bomber. Like the name suggests, it's big and it is bomb shaped, and has 6 inches of girth. It would certainly make for a memorable occasion.


However, one big anal toy which has been successfully inserted doesn't even have a name because it was a one off. What this really means is that not enough customers would be crazy enough to try it let alone buy it! Made of black silicone, its circumference is 7.5 inches and its height is over ten inches. Amazingly there is footage of this butt plug in action, but it's not for the faint of heart.


It's remarkable that the human anus is able to receive such a wide load and return immediately to normal size after it has been removed.


The other type of big anal toy which remains extremely popular is anal beads. These come in diameters up to the size of tennis balls, although squash ball size is much more popular. Some strings of anal beads can stretch to 14", and this large and lengthy string of beads creates an incredibly powerful sensual effect as they are drawn out from the anus.


Of course, big anal toys such as beads, butt plugs and dildos should only be used or attempted by experienced anal enthusiasts who know how to control such toys once they are inserted. In anal play as in anything else, it's important to learn to walk before you can run with the big boys.