The Mangasm is the most intense orgasm a man can have

So, if you’re like me, you have probably never heard of the term “Mangasm” before. Thankfully, this quick read is going to show you just exactly what it is, as well as how you can have your own. You need to be open-minded throughout this article and be willing to experiment with your sexuality a bit. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, or if you are afraid of doing things behind closed doors that might be viewed as taboo by the rest of society, then this isn’t for you. But if you will stop at nothing to reach new heights of sexual pleasure, then get ready to unlock the doors of one of the best experiences you could ever have – alone or with a partner.

My wife called me in the middle of the work day yesterday. She asked me if I was ready to experience my first male G-spot orgasm when I got home. I had no idea what she was talking about, to be honest, but I liked the sound of it. I told her that I was ready, and that when I got home she could give me all of the sexual gratification she could handle. When I finally got home, things went well enough. We both shared a few glasses of wine. Then she turned the lights down and put me on the couch.

Now, I love getting blow jobs on the couch. It is made of soft leather, and it feels really great when I sit on it naked. Nothing is better than looking down between my legs and watching my wife’s head bobbing up and down as she works my shaft to frenzy. When I cum on the couch, I have some of the best orgasms. But I had no idea what a male G-spot was or how people got one. If I had known, I probably wouldn’t have been as willing to go along with her plan. But, since I had told her that I was ready for it, I didn’t refuse when she pulled out the toy.

It was a prostate stimulator known as the Buzz. This is a toy that is designed to stimulate the prostate with vibrations. That’s right. It means that she was going to stick a toy in my butt. Now, just like you, I used to think that there was something “gay” about using one of these toys. But since it was my wife that was administering the pleasure, I knew that it was okay. Within a few minutes, I was reaching my climax, and there was no turning back. I showered her with my hot, sticky load. She loved every moment of it, and lapped it all up. I just couldn’t believe how intense the whole experience was.

If I had known about this sooner, I probably would have started doing it on my own long ago. Thankfully, I have a spouse who is always seeking new ways to bring our sexual experiences to new levels. This is definitely the best thing she has ever found. I lay on the couch for about a half hour recovering while she masturbated. She just looked at me and enjoyed the heap that she left me in. When she finally came and I got back to my senses, I asked her how she had learned about it. She was reading some articles in her favorite women’s magazine and learned about prostate stimulation.

A couple of quick web searches landed her at the Mangasm website, where she found the perfect toy for my first prostate stimulation experience. I’m hooked, now, thanks to