Anal sex toys for men come in all shapes and sizes, but the best part is the orgasm surprises

If you have never thought about using anal sex toys for men, then I’m not sure what is wrong with you. Of course, lots of guys are afraid to put anything up their butts. There is also a lot of social stigma. Let me assure you that there is absolutely nothing “gay” about using one of these toys to induce the most intense orgasm that you could ever imagine. The first time I had one of these experiences was with my wife of fifteen years. She had read about prostate orgasms in one of her magazines, and she asked me if I was curious. I hesitated, just like you might be doing, but eventually decided to give it a shot. You only live once, right? And who would want to live their entire life without experiencing the best orgasm possible?

So she got a few anal sex toys for men from I think there were six in all. While each and every one of them provided a great experience, there are only three that we use on a regular basis. I’m glad she went kind of wild when it came to buying these toys, because if she had only bought one or two, we probably wouldn’t have ever found the others. The experience is so great, even with the basic toys, that we probably wouldn’t have felt the need to look at using any others.

The first masculine butt massaging toy that I really like is the Mangasm voyager. I have to be honest, though. We didn’t go into using this toy until using the smaller Buzz and Alpha, first. I was nervous and didn’t want something as big as the voyager inside of me right off the bat. We took the time to ease into using the bigger toys, and when we finally did I was super happy. The orgasms I experienced from the first two toys were great, but they paled in comparison to what the voyager did to me. It would definitely be my favorite if it weren’t for the next two toys.

The Mangasm Electro is something that I think every guy should experience. This works by applying a light electrical stimulation to the prostate. The shocks stimulate it from the inside out. It feels absolutely amazing. As soon as the rectal prostate massager starts providing the electrical pulses you feel like you are cumming. If you haven’t done it a few times you will come within minutes. I like using this toy when I am all by myself because the orgasms are so fast. I prefer to last a bit longer when I am playing with my wife, of course. She also likes that.

The Mangasm Spark is my favorite rectal stimulation toy for men. I like to use it while my wife and I are having sex. She likes to be on top. She reaches back between my legs and pushes against the base of the toy gently. It has seven stimulators on the base that make the perineum feel really good. On the inside, the toy is applying pressure to the prostate. The result is unbelievable. You will have an orgasm that comes out with a lot of force, because the two different aspects of stimulating constrict the prostate in just the right way. This is my favorite toy of them all.

There are plenty of other anal sex toys for men on, and they regularly have small discounts. They always ship discreetly, too, so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what’s in the box!