Finding and pleasuring the male G-Spot

The male G-spot is called the prostate and the perineum. You won't find the prostate by an external body search. It's located about 2 inches inside the anus towards the front of the body at the root of the penis, and just above the bladder. It's possible to locate it and feel it if you have long fingers, but the best way to stimulate the masculine G-spot is with a prostate massager such as the Mangasm.

The Mangasm is specially designed to massage your prostate safely and gently. The smooth, high grade silicone massager quickly homes in on the prostate and applies pressure to it, which in turn produces powerful and highly pleasurable sexual sensations. The slim stem of the Mangasm anal toy is perfectly designed to pleasure the anal wall as it gently rubs up and down.

To locate the male secret pleasure spot you need to insert the Mangasm into the entrance to the anus using good quality water based lube on both your anus and the sex toy. The Mangasm quickly locates the male pleasure zone, and when it does, you will experience highly powerful sexual sensations. The anus itself has thousands of sensitive nerve endings which are stimulated by this movement of the Mangasm. At the same time the so called P-tab on the Mangasm, or Perineum tab to use its full name, should be placed against the dime sized cluster of nerve endings between the anus and the testicles.

Congratulations! You have now discovered the male G-spot. Proper massage of the prostate and at the same time the perineum can have the same effect as massaging the female erogenous zone - you will experience powerful orgasms that ripple throughout the entire body and can come in waves. It's the male multiple orgasm you probably never knew you could experience! Many men never get to discover it because they are squeamish to insert anything into their anus, and the male G-spot is not something that is taught in schools or passed on to young adolescents by parents. That's all the more reason why you should take the trouble to discover it.