The hottest of Gay Anal Sex Toys

Try searching the internet for anything other than a really positive review for the Aneros Helix and you could end up disappointed.

Customers, reviewers, and sex experts agree that this is one of the most powerful and pleasurable of gay anal sex toys. The Aneros is said to be the only medically researched and patented prostate massager on the market, and is designed to work perfectly when massaging the prostate, the male g-spot.

The Aneros was originally intended as a gay anal sex toy made of a high-quality, non-porous, medical-grade plastic; it's so good that it is one of the very few gay anal massaging toys to successfully cross the border into straight sex acceptability.

The Aneros Helix comes in a range of sizes to suit beginners and seasoned anal sex fans alike. Due to its design it quickly locates the prostate and applies pressure to it, which produces powerful sexual sensations. The slimmer shaped stem of the Aneros stimulates the entrance to the anus which has thousands of sensitive nerve endings. When this prostate stimulating toy is inserted and the P-tab is placed against the dime sized cluster of nerve ending between the anus and the testicles it can produce exquisite sensations vibrating through the body, but at the same time leaving the hands free to explore other areas or another partner.

This gay anal sex toy works by squeezing or contracting the anal-sphincter muscles. The Aneros the Aneros pivots forward, putting pressure n the prostate. Then, the Aneros moves back, pressing on the perineum creating an irresistible rhythm.

The end result is often an incredible orgasm as the prostate releases seminal fluid and the many nerve endings are stimulated. This gay male prostate toy is capable of producing the super orgasm, the multiple orgasm for men. It's a small but incredible device.