Prostate Massager: The Details

Prostate massager toys are some of the newest and most interesting sex toys for men to use. For a long time, male sex toys were limited to the boring old fake pussy toys that had been around for decades. There weren’t a lot of toys that really allowed for men to explore their sexuality and experiment with new sensations. The prostate massager changes this. It’s a toy that truly revolutionizes the way that sex works for men. You can’t afford to not know about this!

So what exactly is a prostate massager and what makes it so special? If you look at a prostate massager, you might confuse it for a simple dildo. It’s certainly has that familiar phallic shape, and is usually made of the same semi-flexible plastic material that many dildos and vibrators are made of. However, there are several key differences between a standard dildo and a male anal stimulating toy.

The first difference is that a prostate stimulating toy has a significant curve to it. This is more important than you might think. Due to the way that the prostate gland is located in the body, this curve is important to stimulating it properly. Now, the point of this article isn’t to teach you anatomy – it’s to talk about prostate massage. So suffice to say that the curve is the key!

Some of you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, if a prostate sensual toy is like a dildo, what use is it for me as a straight guy?” This is a common concern for men who are just discovering prostate play. Let’s just be blunt about it: prostate massage will involve you sticking something up your rear end. There’s no two ways around that. That’s something that you may or may not be open to, but you should try and stay open-minded about it. You won’t regret your decision to give prostate play a try!

Some other notable features about prostate toys include the more bulbous shape that they have. The heads of these toys is generally thicker than the stem or base, which allows the toy to wiggle around a bit once it’s been inserted. This motion is important to maximizing the pleasure of the prostate massage.

Another thing that most prostate sensual toys have is a flared base. This is a standard design among anal toys of all kinds. One thing that some people don’t realize about the anus is that it’s actually possible to “lose” toys up there, so it’s important to be safe. A toy with a flared base never has any risk of getting stuck, so this is an important safety feature.

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