The Anal Toy Keeps Improving

Is it possible that something as simple as the anal toy can get any better? Yes it is. Of course, there are several different variations on this concept, including butt plugs, anal beads, traditional vibrators/dildos, and prostate massage toys. But is it possible to innovate in any of these areas, or even to create an entirely new type of toy? Thankfully, there are some very good companies trying to come up with new techniques for anal stimulation. It seems that the Mangasm brand is a bit ahead of the fact though.

In this article you will learn about:

1. How mangasm is innovating their different sex toys
2. The most innovative anal toy ever
3. One of the newer innovations in the prostate/perianal toy space

So just what are the people behind the Mangasm doing to innovate in this space? Well, a lot actually, but one of the most innovative toys they have released focuses on electrical stimulation of the prostate gland. It’s not entirely clear how they discovered the technique, but it has long been used in sperm banks and animal husbandry.

The process of stimulating the prostate gland with electrical stimulation can result in powerful spasms of the gland, producing an immediate and powerful orgasm. These orgasms also tend to contain more fluid than the regularly induced orgasm, as well as orgasms induced through stimulation of the prostate relying on pressure. Of course, these Mangasm prostate toys are designed for both pressure based stimulation as well as electrical pulse stimulation.

This brings us to the important question. What is the most innovative Mangasm prostate toy currently available? It is called the Mangasm Electro, and it includes an easy to use control panel allowing you to control the type of and strength of the pulses delivered directly to the prostate. The author has experimented with this toy and can vouch for its effectiveness. Of course, this is not a good toy for the first timer, as the resulting orgasms can be very powerful. It is best to work your way up to using a toy like this.

You can purchase it and just not use the electrical pulses until you are ready for something really different, if that is what you wish to do, but something like the Mangasm Alpha or the Rush might be better if it is your first toy.

One of the newer innovations released by the same company is the Mangasm Spark. They have studied and determined several points on the perineum (the taint or chode in slang terms) that allows the user of this toy to experience an intense external stimulation of the prostate in conjunction with internal stimulation.

Combining the two types of stimulation will result in an interesting experience. The most beneficial use of this method is that it will cause the prostate to constrict just a bit tighter, yielding a more forceful, longer lasting orgasm. The author has used this toy, and the orgasms tend to be some of the most drawn out ever experienced. If you are looking to lengthen the time of your orgasm, there are few toys that can compete with the Spark (which is the name of this toy).

When you decide that you are ready to try an innovative toy for prostate stimulation, you definitely want to check out what these guys are doing. Of course, each person may have their own opinion, but the overwhelming majority of prostate stimulation aficionados is that the mangasm lineup are some of the best toys available.