Prostate milking massage info


There’s so much information about prostate milking massages and yet many people are ignorant about how it is really done. Most men avoid the topic of prostate massages for any of two reasons. They are either shy about it or they think they are wrong. Neither of these is necessary.

There is nothing wrong about a prostate milking stimulation. In fact in many ways, it’s actually recommended. Prostate milking massages have been used for centuries by doctors tohelp relieve people with inflamed prostates. Studies have also shown that massaging the prostate greatly lowers the risk of cancer. When done correctly, it’s safe and quite pleasant.

But beyond its medical applications, prostate milking stimulation offers some real life bedroom application.

The experience of milking your prostate is immensely magnified if it is done when you are aroused. This is because massaging the prostate encourages the flow of blood to the penis giving you a massive erection. And since the prostate is the gland responsible for the seminal fluid produced during an orgasm, massaging your male sex gland will trigger a deeper, long lasting and far more satisfying orgasm.

It is important to note that a prostate massage can be self applied. This is a welcomed option for people who be shy or have reservations about receiving a prostate massage from a specialist. In truth, giving a g-spot milking massage isn’t that difficult. All you need to know is where the prostate is located and how best to stimulate it. Like masturbation, once you’ve successfully learnt the skill behind stimulating your prostate gland, you’ll find it easier from there.

You can find the prostate by inserting your finger into your anus. This may be easier if you lie down and keep your legs raised. The prostate is located about two inches in—along the side where your navel would be if you could go that far. You’ll be able to tell when you touch the prostate because it’s a sizeable bump along the otherwise smooth lining. Massage that bump and you will be massaging your prostate.

It’s possible to stimulate your prostate using your fingers. However, a prostate milking massage is a lot more effective when it is done with adult toys. There are different options that you can choose to consider. You can try giving yourself a massage using a light stimulating toy like the Mangasm Alpha or enjoy an intense ride with the Mangasm spark. One of the welcomed benefits of Mangasm adult toys is that they do not require that you use your hands when using them. This means you can enjoy the pleasant experience of a prostate massage while using your hands for other things such as masturbating, rubbing your partner or using an incredible toy like the AutoBlow.