Identifying the Male G-Spot Location

The male g-spot location is to be found tucked about two inches inside the anus towards the front at the root of the penis and tucked just under the bladder. It's known as the prostate gland. Many men have heard of the prostate gland, but have no idea it is actually the male g-spot, and even fewer guys can accurately identify the location of the g-spot This is in part due to the fact that the prostate is located in what for centuries has been deemed a taboo area - the anus.

From medieval times onwards in Western Europe, it was preached and taught that the anus and any sexual arousal to be found or enjoyed from it is the work of the devil. Therefore, the male g-spot location is concealed in a part of the body where conventional sex education fears to tread. It's hardly surprising that few guys have any understanding of the male g-spot.

The prostate gland is responsible for the production of seminal fluid to protect sperm on their way from the penis into the vagina and then the womb during sexual intercourse. To apply pressure around the location is to experience some intense sexual sensations, and with practice it is possible to experience a multiple orgasm very similar to the one experienced by women. This is done through repeated gentle massage of the male g-spot location, and at the same time the perineum, the cluster of nerves between the testicles and the anus.

The prostate’s location is best reached using a specialist anal sex toy such s the Mangasm prostate massager. This smooth, sleek, silicone massager is designed to be easily and comfortably inserted into the anus, and then used to apply pressure to the prostate- the male g-spot - so as to experience mind blowing sexual thrills.

If you have not yet tried to locate your prostate, you can do so with the Mangasm Prostate Massager, or ask your partner to explore the location of your prostate for you. It's well worth the effort.