How to enjoy your first Male G-Spot Massage

Maybe you are getting great orgasms when you masturbate, but orgasms you enjoy with your penis are only half or even a quarter of what you can expect if you have an orgasm through male g-spot massage.

Massaging the male G-spot is one of the most exciting ways you can thrill yourself. Probably more exciting and thrilling than leaping out of an airplane and the earth will move just as much.

That is why online sex stores, and sex stores in your local mall, have reported significant sales of prostate massagers. It's because more and more men are overcoming a lifetime of phobia about playing with their anus, in order to discover how to stimulate the g-spot.

To perform a male g-spot massage you are best to use an anal sex toy designed especially for the job like the Mangasm prostate massager. First you need to get clean and comfortable, and that means urinating and having a bowel movement. Then you need to get nice and clean down there, ideally with an anal douche. Next step is to lube up with plenty of water based lube and gently insert the massager into your anus, taking slow by introducing the massager bit by bit. One it is fully inserted the design of the Mangasm prostate massager will automatically apply pressure to your prostate.

At the same time you can apply the P-tab to your perineum, and the contractions of the sphincter muscles will start to move the Mangasm prostate massager up and down your prostate creating fantastically powerful sensations.

This is your first prostate g-spot stimulation. It may not be absolutely perfect the first time, but you will quickly learn how to get the best sensations as you practice. Don't overdo it; a male g-spot massage is something to savor only three or maximum four times a month.