Achieving the Male G-Spot Orgasm

Before you can even begin to think about the best male orgasm you have to know where the male g-spot is located. It's to be found tucked about two inches inside the anus just under the bladder. It's known as the prostate gland. If you massage the prostate gland and simultaneously the perineum, the dime sized cluster of nerves located between the testicles and the anus, it can produce what is known as the male g-spot orgasm.

This is quite unlike a normal penile orgasm. It is far more powerful, and unlike a normal orgasm, a masculine gspot orgasm can come in waves, very much like the female multiple orgasms.

Some guys who have experienced a male g-spot orgasm report extremely powerful sensations. The old cliché about the earth moving appears to come true, it is possible to lose all sense of time, and some guys have been known to howl in a primal way.

Like all good things, achieving a 9.0 rictcher orgams requires practice. If you use the best implement for the job, like a Mangasm prostate massager, you are far more likely to get the result you want. The Mangasm is custom designed to massage the prostate, and, with some water based lube on both the massager and your anus, it inserts easily and comfortably inside and immediately massages the prostate.

Because the massager applies just the right kind of pressure, it will create highly sensual feelings quickly. To achieve a male g-spot orgasm may take more time, and repeated uses to get used to the feel, but, provided you remain relaxed and receptive to the sensations, the ultimate male orgasm is highly likely.

It is not an experience you will forget in a hurry, it's one you will treasure, and once tried you will want to try it again and include it as part of your own personal sexual repertoire.