Male Masterbation today

Fake vaginasMale masterbation has become a much less sensitive subject nowadays. With the rise of information, graphics and video freely available on the internet, it should comes as no surprise that male masturbation is more popular today that at any time in history. Not only that, but more people know more about male masturbation than ever before due to the large amount of information out there.

Of course jerking off can be an excellent way to relieve stress, and many guys cannot resist 'spanking the monkey' at least once a day. One website has gone as far as to have devised a series of exercises specifically to get in good shape for male masturbation.

They are called Onanibics. Onanibics' combines the art of male masterbation with the science of aerobics to form a new weight loss program, whereby you lose weight simply by masturbating.

Onanibics was developed to help men lose weight and promote self stimulation as a normal, healthy and enjoyable pastime. Onanibics follows the theory that ejaculation raises the body's metabolism and chews up calories. With fewer calories, fat is consumed and the waistline is trimmed. In Japanese the word "onani" means to masturbate whereas "bics" stands for aerobics. These two words together create the male masturbation techniques we know today as Onanibics.

Other websites offer a variety of graphics and slogans on tee shirts that proudly display your love for the ancient art of male masturbation.

On another site, you can pay a subscription to watch a man go to various public places where he is at a high risk of getting caught and then start to indulge in male masterbation. Subscribers love to watch him getting off in busy hotel lobbies, restaurants, swimming pools, theaters, shopping malls, anywhere where there are large numbers of people. He has frequently very nearly been caught, but always manages to evade detection by the skin of his teeth. And judging by the fact his films have very high hit rates, he gets paid handsomely for the moretricky situations.