Modern Male Masturbation Techniques

MasturbationMale masturbation is a favorite pastime of many guys and is always sure to have a pleasurable result. Most gays favor the loose fist riding up and down the penis, but this is only one of dozens of masturbation techniques to produce the much sought after orgasm.

You can be certain that guys have tried different techniques while masturbating ranging from humping the couch to splitting open and loving up banana skins to making holes in watermelons, to making love to old socks.

Realizing there are a lot of dedicated amateurs, several sex toy manufacturers stepped in to supply the male population with state of the art male masturbators, and so nowadays, instead of having to learn complicated hand movements to achieve a mind blowing orgasm, a lot of guys are just using their hands to type in a few details and are sending off for the likes of Fleshlights, Tenga Flip Holes and Autoblow Blasts. These are male masturbation techniques that require no hard work and no hard study.

The Fleshlight male masturbation technique is simple. You just add some water based lube to your penis, slide the warmed up sleeve over your penis and pump away until you climax. Tenga offers the same opportunity, and with their range of Tenga onacups there's no cleaning up involved. Once you've finished with male masturbation technique you just throw it away.

Autoblow masturbation machineThe Autoblow male masturbation technique has to be the simplest of them all. It doesn't even require hands. Once you've slipped the soft silicone sleeve over your penis, you just flick the multi-speed controller and the Autoblow does all the work for you. There are some male masturbation tips that do not require hands, but few as skilful as this one.

You can improve your own repertoire of male masturbation techniques greatly by adding one of these highly rated sex toys to your collection.