Male Prostate Stimulation; you have to try it

Male prostate stimulation is one of the new buzz words in sex play for adventurous men keen to go beyond mere penile orgasms. Male prostate stimulation is also full of health benefits because a regularly massaged prostate is like any other part of the body that is regularly exercised; it keeps it trim and in good shape.


The prostate can become slow, sluggish and enlarged when the acini cells fill with seminal fluid and stagnant blood. This is not helped by a couch potato lifestyle, or long hours chained to a desk as many guys are these days. Male prostate stimulation applied either with the fingers or with a prostate massager such as the Mangasm range of anal sex toys, is the best way to get things stimulated and the blood and seminal fluid moving again. Into the bargain you will also enjoy some of the intense sexual sensations you have ever experienced.


The prostate is known as the male g-spot. It's funny how we all get to hear a lot about the female g-spot, but a lot less about the male. The prostate and the perineum, the dime sized cluster of nerve endings between the testicles and the anus can receive male prostate stimulation at the same time. This can be easily achieved with the Mangasm prostate massager. You start by applying water based lube to the massager and also to your anus, and gently push the Mangasm inside.


There's no need to rush it, get used to the feeling of a foreign body inside the anus. As you continue to probe the head of the massager will put pressure on your prostate, and this produces strong sexual sensations. You will probably experience one of the best erections you have had in many years, your sexual organs will feel alive as the blood runs through the system, and with practice, you can even experience what is known as the super 'O' the holy grail of sexual experiences for men, a multiple orgasm that comes in powerful waves remarkably similar to those experienced by women. With an experience like that in store, male prostate stimulation has to be worth a try!