Your first Male Prostate Stimulator

Male prostate stimulators are designed to go right inside your anus, they are an anal sex toy, and for many guys, the anus is still a no go orifice. Even if they have heard about the incredible orgasms to be achieved from using masculine prostate massagers, many are still not prepared to insert anything up their anus.

The Aneros Helix male prostate stimulator has been designed very much with the beginner in mind. If you can overcome the initial reluctance long enough, you can discover that stimulating the prostate with a male G-spot massager can be an incredibly powerful and rewarding experience.

So the Aneros Helix is usually the one all sex experts recommend as a good place to start exploring the anus. The Aneros Helix is a made from a high grade medical non porous silicone, it's easy to inset and easy to disinfect. It's designed for guys who are tempted to play but who are anally inexperienced. The size of this anal toy is very modest, so once some water based lube is applied to the Aneros and your anus, just try some gentle probing and get used to the sensation of this male prostate stimulator.

As you insert it further you find the Aneros quickly finds the prostate and applies pleasurable pressure. You can also massage the prostate further by placing the P-tab between your anus and testicles, on the cluster of nerves down there called the perineum. This will enable you to rock the vibrating prostate toy back and forth without hands and really start to feel the powerful sensations.

If you've been hanging back because you think toys like the Rude Boy look too scary, try the much slimmer and easier Aneros Helix and start to discover a whole new side to your sexuality. It would be a shame to miss out on one of life's great sexual kicks for men.