The best selling Male Sex Toy

As all online sex toy stores will agree, the bestselling male sex toy is the male masturbator. But the term 'male masturbator' can be confusing because it covers a lot of ground. Male sex toys which are considered male masturbators can include pocket pussies, realistic vaginas, penis sleeves, masturbation gloves and even blowjob machines.


The best selling of all these categories of sex toys for men is the pocket pussy. Not only is a pocket pussy affordable, but the better quality ones use Cyberskin or other patented real feel type synthetic skins to make this male sex toy feel incredibly soft and authentic.


The pocket pussy experience can be so real that with some of the more realistic ones you can even watch the pussy lips hug your penis and swallow you whole. The biggest selling factor with the pocket pussy is that it can be taken anywhere and used whenever the urge takes. It goes a long way towards explaining why hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on these male sex toys each year and why top online retailers such as Amazon stock a wide range of them, and why many online sex stores feature up to 20 pages of them, with a choice of well over 200 different models.


But in terms of product quality and experience, the top ranked sex toy for men is the porn star endorsed realistic vagina. If they can afford it, this is the male sex toy most guys want most. The mold is authentic down to the last wrinkle, and the coloring effects are all hand painted for added realism. The extra money spent on these toys is reflected in the quality. The love tunnels can actually be more of a turn on than the real thing. Some of these male sex toys have vibrator bullets too to add further to the sensations.


It's hardly surprising that every porn star is quick to agree terms for her own porn star endorsed male sex toy, because the deal can be incredibly lucrative.