Masturbation for Men

Masturbation for men will never go out of fashion. Close to 100% of males have masturbated by the age of 15, most have done so many years earlier. From the onset of teens, male masturbating sessions average at least 8 times a week, sometimes more. Male masturbating decreases with age, but by no means ceases. Most sexually active males will masturbate in the absence of a sex partner, and often even with a partner too. It has been suggested that men who masturbate as they get older tend to have less prostate problems. As men age their prostate can become sluggish, and to keep it active it is necessary to drain the prostate of seminal fluid from time to time.

Aside from sexual satisfaction, male masturbation answers a need to rid the body of older sperm so that the newest and best are ready to leap into action. Some interesting research was carried out into the calorie consumption of masturbation for men.

It was discovered that male masturbating has little or no effect on your weight and calorie consumption. So if you are trying to lose weight by masturbating, you are probably better trying to find an alternative weight loss regimen.

So how much does a typical masturbation session burn? It's reckoned that male masturbating burns 6 to 7 calories per minute during sexual activity. This compares to 8 to 10 per minute while jogging. People typically exercise longer than they masturbate, so a half hour jog would burn 240-300 calories while seven minutes spent in masturbation for men would burn fewer than 50.

However, most guys are not trying masculine masturbation for exercise purposes; it is all about enjoyment and relief from sexual tension. And there's a lot of it about.