Newsflash for Men - Anal Toys are Great

There’s not a person alive who doesn’t enjoy sex. Our bodies are hard wired to want sex and love it. However, even with all of the intense sensations that come with masturbating or having sex, it can get a little boring after a while. While the body will always enjoy sex, the mind sometimes needs a little extra stimulation. One way to stimulate the mind along with the body is to explore your sexuality and try new things.

A lot of people get locked into old fashioned ideas of what sex is and anything that doesn’t fit into that mold gets labeled as taboo. But as much as people may deny it, everyone has a kinky side to them. Kinks are different for everyone, but one thing is the same for all of them: exploring them is necessary to improve your sex life and get more enjoyment out of sex or masturbation.

One fairly common kink for men these days is an interest in anal stimulation. For straight men anal toys are the only way to experience anal stimulation. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for anal toys available so any guy that wants to experiment with anal play can find a toy that suits his needs nicely.

For some men, prostate massaging toys provide a way to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end of sex. For most men this is a very new experience. Even when a woman is riding a man in the cowgirl position, most men still feel in control of the action to some degree. For these men, sex toys like strap-ons are the perfect way to experience a kind of role reversal by having a woman be the one in the dominant role.

Strap-on play, also known as pegging, certainly isn’t for everyone. While many couples who have engaged in it said that it was both physically and emotionally intense, some men just can’t divorce the idea of anal penetration from acts of homosexuality – even if there’s a woman involved.

For those that have this particular hangup but still want to experience anal play, prostate massage toys are a good option for men. Male G-spot toys for prostate massage are designed for solo use, so a man can use one while he masturbates by himself. This way, the anal penetration just becomes a part of masturbation rather than a sexual act between two people, which some men find more palatable.

For masturbating men, prostate stimulators are perfect because they can be used hands free. It’s normally quite difficult to penetrate oneself with an anal toy while also masturbating by hand. Prostate toys make the process a lot simpler and they have the added bonus of stimulating the male prostate, which has other sexual benefits beyond the increases sensation of anal penetration.

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