Men anal toys are a lot of fun, even for straight guys


I am a gay male, and I have absolutely no problem admitting that. But one of the things that I really want to get out there is that men anal toys aren’t just for those of us who like other guys. As a matter of fact, every straight guy I have ever met who has tried anal stimulation found it rather enjoyable. There are a lot of reasons for this. Some are psychological. There is something extra interesting about doing something that is taboo. But there are also physical reasons why anal stimulation feels good, no matter what your sexual orientation is.

Men anal toys feel good for a number of reasons. For one thing, the prostate can be stimulated, and that feels very good. But even just stimulating the outside of the anus feels really great. Tickling, rubbing, licking, or even pressing against the taint feels very good. What most guys are totally clueless about, though, is that stimulating the prostate will result in some of the most intense orgasms that you could ever imagine. There are so many guys that will never really get around to giving masculine prostate tools a try. That is such a shame.

If you are really looking for a sexual experience that is better than any others that you could have, then consider trying men anal toys. I am really fond of those sold at They range from toys that were designed for the first timer to those that only the experienced should even consider. Take the alpha for example. It is a small toy and is perfect for the guy who is just starting to experiment with anal toys. Then, there is the voyager, which is a big bad vibrating toy. Either of them can induce intense prostate orgasms.

If you get really brave, you can try something like the electro, which uses electrical stimulation to get you off. It doesn’t matter which you choose, though, because they are all designed with the male anatomy in mind. That means a lot. If you try to use anal toys that are designed for women, they won’t provide the right type of stimulation and you will walk away disappointed. A lot of guys make this mistake and they are turned off from anal stimulation forever.

Make sure that you are going to do it right if you are thinking about exploring prostate stimulation. It feels really good. But it is also good for you. By stimulating the prostate you reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer, which is one of the most common forms of cancer for men all over the world.

Of course, you have to have just a bit of courage to try anything that is outside of your comfort zone. So unless you’re a big chicken who doesn’t like to try new things, there really is no reason for you to give it a shot.

Back before I knew how I was oriented, I had tried prostate stimulation. I didn’t really like it back then. I used the wrong kind of toy and things just didn’t work out the way they should have. But later on, I found an amazing prostate stimulating toy called the Mangasm alpha, and after having my first intense prostate orgasm I knew that things were going to be great. Let me clear something up. Prostate stimulation does not feel like anal intercourse. The penis just can’t stimulate the prostate in the same way.

Instead of writing it off as something that isn’t for you, why not give it a try and experiment with prostate stimulation using sex toys for men purchased from