Milking Prostate - What you need to know about milking your prostate

Prostate Massage - how toMilking prostate is a very similar procedure to massaging the prostate for pleasure. Our modern lethargic lifestyle of being chained to desks by day and slouched in recovery mode on sofas at night does not do the prostate any good. Like other parts of the body, the prostate needs a constant supply of fresh blood to flow past it and into it to keep it healthy. If stagnant blood and seminal fluid should build in the sacs of the prostate, the gland can become enlarged. This in turn can hamper activities such as urination and ejaculation. Massaging the prostate gland can be used to relieve such symptoms.

There are different avenues that can be used for a prostate massage. But the best way of milking the prostate is to invest in an anal sex toy designed for the job - a prostate massager such as the Aneros Helix, which is the right size and shape can be used to carefully massage this delicate gland. Prepare by urinating and taking a bowel movement, then, get yourself nice and clean. If you are milking prostate by yourself, lube both your anus and the prostate massager with water based lube. Get down on all fours and insert the prostate massage with the bulbous head towards your stomach.

Once it's inside do not move it, let your anus adjust to the sensation of having a foreign object in there. With gentle contraction and tightening of your sphincter muscles, the milking prostate action will begin by adding gentle pressure to the gland. It should be a pleasurable sensation and may cause you to have an erection, but the main benefit is that it is releasing stagnant blood and excess seminal fluid and getting the blood flowing. After the massage you will feel tired so you need to relax. This is because you have aroused one of the major nerve centers of your body.

You may feel sore after the session and in the morning sorer still. This is a good sign, because blood is now coursing over inflamed tissues. You may need to try another one or two sessions, but gradually the pain will disappear and you should notice an improvement in urination, erectile function and ejaculation.

All these great benefits can be gained just from stimulating the prostate carefully.