Some of the hottest New Male Sex Toys

Sex toys for men are a well established and highly lucrative market with billion in global sales annually. New products are continually reaching the market as guys demand newer, better and more innovative ways to achieve sexual satisfaction. Many new male sex toys are from manufacturers who have already released several similar successful products in the past. As new porn stars come on to the scene, such as Sasha Grey, who in addition to being a porn star managed to cross over to the mainstream movie business, there is a rush to get her to commit to a range of porn star endorsed new male sex toys.


Fleshlight Girls
The Fleshlight, ranked as the world's best selling sex toy for men is continually launching new male sex toys. The newest addition to their Fleshlight Girls series is Katsuni, star of more than 200 adult films. Her French and Vietnamese heritage makes her one of the most unique and exotic beauties in the world. Her Fleshlight is molded from her famous pussy and features the intensely realistic Lotus texture.


Fleshlight Sex in a Can
The makers of Fleshlight have also just released three new male sex toys in the popular Sex in a Can series. Each of the cans has a realistic label to resemble a beer can, and the plastic cases and sleeves are slightly smaller than those used for traditional Fleshlights, but pack just as much satisfaction inside.


Belladonna's Foot Soldiers and Bitch Fist
As part of its exclusive deal with adult film star Belladonna, adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has just launched two new male sex toys; exact moldings of the superstar's feet and fist. Belladonna's Foot Soldiers and Belladonna's Bitch Fist allow fans to get up close and personal with lifelike duplicates of the star's famous limbs. As the latest additions to Doc Johnson's immensely popular Belladonna Collection, the Foot Soldiers and Bitch Fist were molded directly from the star's feet and arm at Doc's North Hollywood headquarters.