Using Prostate Massagers to the Greatest Effect

Sex toys, in general, are pretty simple to use. It’s not often you hear funny stories of people getting confused and somehow using a sex toy wrong. It’s usually pretty obvious what you’re supposed to stick into what to make a sex toy work. While most toys are quite easy to use, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some nuance to some toys. Certain toys, like the Mangasm alpha, are pretty easy to use but can be enjoyed even more when you know the proper techniques. If you’ve never used a prostate massager, or even if you have, you might want to learn more about these techniques to maximize pleasure.

If you’ve never used prostate massagers at all, you actually might not be sure how to use them in the first place. Prostate toys are a bit of a novelty in the world of male anal sex toys. That is mostly because they are anal toys, and until recent years anal toys were a serious taboo for most straight guys. Even now, a lot of straight men will totally steer clear of these toys without really giving them a fair shake.

In truth, even though they’re commonly described this way, prostate massagers aren’t really anal toys. They do have to be inserted anally to work their magic, but what their real purpose is to stimulate the prostate, not the anus. The prostate is a gland that plays an important role in male sexuality. Stimulating it with one of these prostate sex toys is not only pleasurable, but it also enhances orgasms and has other positive benefits. It’s even good for the health of your prostate.

Most prostate massagers are very easy to use because they are designed to be user friendly. They are shaped in such a way that once they are inserted, it’s almost impossible for them to not hit the prostate. As such, some guys assume that that is all there is to it and just use their prostate toys in this very limited fashion. You can actually do much more with prostate massagers, including achieving multiple orgasms.

For most guys, having multiple orgasms sounds like a myth. Men have always considered the fact that women can have multiples to be a bit unfair, but the truth is that men can get them too. With proper technique, a prostate massage can lead to orgasms that are several minutes long and don’t trigger the refractory period – that is, the brief time after orgasming where the penis is too sensitive to touch.

The technique is pretty simple. It involves triggering an orgasm mainly through prostate stimulation, with limited stimulation of the penis. It takes practice to master this technique, but if you can do it will be extremely rewarding!