Blow him away: Prostate massage how to Guide

Millions of men around the world have enjoyed the heady experience of a prostate massage. If you wish to give yourself or your partner a prostate massage, below is a simple prostate massage how to guide.

• Relax: Start the massage by getting your partner relaxed. Do anything that will reduce the inhibitions that he might have. You can share some wine, or relax in the warm tub together. Being comfortable is an important step to a successful prostate massage. It relaxes your body muscles making it easy for you to perform an internal massage. It also increases the circulation of blood around your body, sending blood to your penis and major muscles.

• Pay attention to your hygiene: Most how to prostate guides will stress the importance of trimming your nails. That’s because, if you perform a finger prostate massage with your nails unclipped, you risk accidentally bruising the anal lining or harming the prostate. This can end up leading to severe complications that may even affect your fertility. You can also prepare for a prostate massage by requesting that your partner visits the toilet before you begin. This will remove any fears or worries that they might have.

• Use Lubrication: Lubricate the toys or tools that you will be using. Most ‘prostate massage how to’ experts will quickly point out that avoiding the use of lubrication can end up causing tears in your anal lining as a result of the abrasion. Before putting the toy in, cover the insertion end with a generous helping of lube. Water based lubricants are a better choice because these do not contain many of the unhealthy irritants found with oil based lube.

• Massage: When you are ready to begin, start by gently massaging the body of your partner. This will increase the flow of blood in different parts and enhance his arousal level. Focus your massage on the buttocks area—especially his perianal region. For good measure, you should consider discussing what your partner likes before beginning. Gently circle around the sphincter area before you begin to probe. His muscles will slowly adjust to your touch and become more receptive.

• Slide the toy in: Once he appears comfortable and ready, gently work the prostate toy in. Prostate massage how to guides recommend that you choose a safe and comfortable tool like Mangasm sex toys. Good example of Mangasm prostate massagers are the Alpha or Mangasm Flex. These toys are soft and flexible, capable of bending with the motion of the body. For added stimulation, you may want to consider the Mangasm Buzz. Like the name suggests, the Buzz is fitted with a vibration motor and is accompanied by a five mode setting.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Some men like to be kissed during a prostate massage while others like their testicles fondled. The more sensations he experiences, the more incredible his orgasm will be.