Unlock the secret of Prostate Massage Sex

Orgasms are good. But for the ultimate finish, try a prostate massage. Prostate massage sex will result in a longer lasting, more pleasurable and far more intense orgasmic end. Prostate massager such as the Aneros are sometimes used for therapeutic purpose, namely to cleanse the prostate gland of impurities. But for the most part, its use is closely linked to sexual pleasure. Massaging the prostate with the Aneros can lead to healthy, incredible sensations.

There are several useful tips to a great massage. One of these is to do it gently. You should take your time. Do not be rushed. The lining of the rectum wall and the prostate are delicate and need to be handled with care at all times. You should also not hesitate to experiment with what works best for you; whether it's movement from side to side or pulling the prostate massager half way out and then gently reinserting so as to arouse the thousands of nerve endings around the sphincter muscles. You can also try squeezing your anal muscles as you pull it half way out and then relax and push it back in, this has the pleasurable effect of putting an extra squeeze on the prostate.

If you are trying prostate massage sex for the first time, you will discover a whole new world of exciting new pleasures, and you may even achieve what is known as a Super O - a super male orgasm, which is very similar to the female multiple orgasm where fantastic sexual pleasure comes in waves, you can lose all sense of time, and the earth will move - all those well worn phrases you have heard but not yet experienced.

The added stimulation of perineum, which a good anal sex toy is capable of giving simultaneously, will only add to the intensity of the session. And the more nerve areas you can cover, the more sensual the massage will be. Of course, this also means that the resulting orgasm will be that much stronger.

The best anal sex toys for prostate massage sex also enable you to leave the device inserted and massage you hands free by the contraction of your sphincter muscles. So as you caress or make love to your partner for example, you can at the same time be experiencing incredible sensation from the anal sex toys gliding gently over your prostate and nudging the penny sized cluster of nerves known as you perineum, located between the testicles and the anus.

There's a first time for everything—especially new sexual experiences. It’s not just enough to hear or read of how amazing the male G-spot orgasm can be. Why not invest in an anal sex toy such as a prostate massager and give it a try?