Preparing for Prostate Massages

The prostate is located within the pelvic region and can be felt through the lining of the anal canal. Its primary function is to aid with reproduction by producing seminal fluid before ejaculation occurs. In order to enjoy prostate massages it's a good idea to first to urinate and/or have a bowel movement before you begin. Staying relaxed throughout prostate massages is also important. Try to wind down first with a relaxing bath or shower before you start.

A good way to begin prostate massage is to massage the prostate externally. Using the index and middle fingertips, you can touch, rub, stroke, or press on the perineum (the area of skin from underneath the testicles between the anus). While you press on this centre of nerve endings you can also stimulate other parts of the body so as to become more receptive for the actual prostate massage itself.

You should always use plenty of water based lube for anal play. If you opt for a massage sex toy such as the Aneros Helix, you will find this much easier and more convenient to use than fingers as it is specifically designed to locate the prostate and massage it cleanly and smoothly.

The Aneros can also work without you directly controlling it with your hands. This leaves you or your partner free to explore and arouse other parts of the body. The combined massage of the prostate and the perineum can provide highly intense sexual sensations, and can even produce a super orgasm, akin to the multiple orgasms enjoyed by females.

If you're using a male sex toy for prostate massages, always use a fresh condom on male anal toys, if you are exploring with your fingers, or your partner opts to massage you that way, use a fresh latex glove on the hands, and ensure that the nails are trimmed with no sharp edges.