Prostate Massaging - Prostate massaging for health

After your first massage you will really feel like you had a pretty intense workout and you will feel pleasantly tired. This is because you have just stimulated one of the major nerve centers of the male anatomy, not to mention massaging of the male G-spot, with its attendant powerfully erotic sensations.

If, prior to a prostate massage, you have been experiencing prostate pain, it's possible that you will feel a little sore afterwards - it cannot be stressed enough to go gently while massaging your prostate, but even so, it is possible you may still feel some soreness. In the morning be prepared for the fact that you may feel sorer still. Why? It's because when you perform prostate massaging you release a lot of stagnant toxic blood that has become trapped there.

These trapped poisons have been released by massaging the prostate and what you are feeling is blood flowing over inflamed tissues. If you are massaging your prostate for health reasons as much as for sexual satisfaction, this is an important part of the healing process. Blood will now start to flow to your prostate area. Over the next couple of days, stagnant toxic blood will be replaced by fresh blood. The first prostate massage is always the hardest. Subsequent massages will leave you feeling revitalized. That's because you are improving the blood flow to your prostate. You are relieving the congestion and allowing it to heal itself.

If you are massaging your prostate for sexual stimulation, you will also find the first session can leave you feeling pleasantly tired. For that reason, it always best to perform a prostate massage at the end of the work day so that you can relax afterwards.

During prostate massaging, breathing is rhythmically is very important. Prostate massaging burns up a lot of nerve energy so you need to supply your blood with plenty of oxygen to give your body the energy it needs.

It's also a good idea to eat after the massage because you need to restore your energy quickly and be able to sleep peacefully. For best results, massages should be done regularly but not more than two or three times a week.