Prostate Masturbation - Lighting sexual fireworks

Every generation that comes along believes it has invented sex, and the current generation is no different. Most people are therefore stunned when they discover that prostate masturbation has been around for over 30,000 years. The Chinese have believed in its benefits for centuries and most of Asia has never been prudish about both men and women enjoying anal sex. Men have the significant advantage of having the prostate stored just two inches inside the anus to the front, at the root of the penis. It's a walnut sized gland located just under the bladder, it cannot be accessed directly, but it can be stimulated by applying gentle downward pressure along the wall of the rectum.

We didn't invent the act of masturbating the prostate gland. But this generation is responsible for the introduction of different medical grade sex toys. These toys can be used to safely stimulate the prostate. And once you have the right tool for the job, everything becomes so much easier and more effective.

Prostate massage can now be carried out at home without medical supervision, and provided you take things easy, don't rush, and apply gentle pressure, you too can unleash the incredibly intense sensations of prostate masturbation. The latest prostate masturbation massagers such as the Aneros Helix, the Rude Boy of the Naughty Boy are designed to pleasure both the prostate and the perineum both at the same time - and do it hands free allowing just the natural contractions of the anal sphincter as you squeeze your butt cheeks to do the work.

Because the hands are left free, additional stimulus can be enjoyed either by caressing your own body or in sex play with a willing partner. The result of this stimulus can produce sexual fireworks which will definitely make you want to try stimulating the prostate on a regular basis. And that's absolutely fine, because there are excellent benefits linked to keeping your prostate regularly massaged too.