Discovering the Prostate Milking Massage

Prostate milking - discoveredProstate milking massage is surprisingly uncommon when guys discuss favorite sexual practices. In fact most guys have never heard of massaging the prostate. Blowjobs, yes, hand jobs yes, even some pretty unusual sexual positions. But for many guys the prostate is quite literally virgin territory.

However the prostate, once discovered, can provide some of the most sensational orgasm ever experienced. If you have not heard about the prostate or prostate stimulation, it would be worth your while to find out more about it.

The prostate is located about two inches inside the anus close to the root of the penis, and tucked just under the bladder. For prostate milking massage purposes, the only way to reach it is through the anus. You can stimulate it by massaging the perineum, the dimed sized cluster of nerve endings located between your anus and testicles, but for a proper massage you need to massage inside the anus. Even then, you will not actually get to touch the prostate while prostate massage milking. You will merely feel the prostate through the delicate wall of the rectum.

Due to the fact the rectum is so delicate, you need to approach massaging with caution and care, and not attempt any rough stuff. You can use your fingers to probe or a prostate sex stumulator. If you choose the former make sure you are using disposable latex glove, and use plenty of water based lube for both your anus and for your fingers. It's actually a whole lot easier to let someone else do the prostate massage milking for the simple reason that you need to put your finger inside palm upwards so that you can move your index finger in the 'come here' position, this enables you to feel the small walnut sized bump that is your prostate. When giving a prostate milking massage, you need to be careful to put gentle pressure on the two outer lobes of the prostate and avoid the centre which is more sensitive.

With constant but gentle pressure you will start to feel the powerful sexual kick this type of massage can give. With prostate massage milking you can even have powerful orgasms without ejaculating. For the most mind blowing orgasms, try massaging with a Mangasm prostate massage anal sex toy.