An introduction to Prostate Pleasure

Prostate Massage - introductionThe prostate is the male G-spot, it's located just under the bladder, and while you cannot access it directly, you can apply gentle pressure to it through the wall of the rectum, and it's this that can lead to powerful feelings of prostate pleasure.


The best way to achieve prostate pleasure is to acquire for yourself a specially designed prostate massager. The increasing interest and associated health benefits of prostate massage have seen a number of excellent new prostate massagers reaching the market.


Armed with one of these, whether with a partner or by yourself, you can start to discover what all the hype about prostate pleasure is about. Before starting, get completely confident and comfortable by urinating and making a bowel movement. Take a shower, and then spend some time arousing yourself to the point where you are receptive to exploring your anus with the prostate massager. Make sure it is washed and cleaned first, and that both your anus and the device are well lubricated with water based lube.


If you are planning on solo prostate massage, it's best to access the prostate by getting down on all fours and inserting the massage that way. Once inserted, leave it in there for a while you get used to a foreign object inside your anus. Then apply gentle pressure to your prostate with downward strokes. As your sphincter muscles contract you should be able to make the device massage your prostate and your perineum through contractions of your PC muscles, - these are the same muscles that control urination and ejaculation.


You should feel prostate pleasure radiating through your body, and it is possible to reach a powerful super Orgasm in this way. This is the equivalent for men of the multiple orgasm in women, and is remarkably similar in nature, coming in powerful waves.


Prostate massage is excellent for health reasons too, but should not be attempted more than three times a week. Find a prostate massager that's designed for beginners, and you too can start to discover the sheer exhilaration of prostate pleasure.