Increase Pleasure with Advanced Prostate Stimulator Techniques

With most average sex toys, using them is pretty simple. It’s not like you need some detailed documentation to figure out how to use them – they’re pretty straightforward and if you understand the basic idea of sex then you know all you need to know! While that is good in some ways, it means a lot of toys are very limited in their uses. One toy for men that’s a bit different is the prostate stimulator. These toys are simple to use in the most basic way, but they also allow you to practice special techniques to really max out your pleasure.

The most basic type of prostate stimulator has a fairly standard design quite similar to an ordinary anal dildo. Toys like these, such as the Mangasm Alpha, are built to be simple to use for beginners. All you really need to do to make use of them is apply some lube and insert the toy anally – from there; the toy does most of the work for you, hands-free. Your body’s shifts and jostles move the toy automatically, providing a pleasurable prostate massage. Couldn’t be easier!

While the usage of basic anal massage toys alone will blow a lot of guys minds, there’s more to the story than that. A lot of guys don’t even realize that they can do more with their anal massage toys, unlocking even more intense pleasures. If you want to really experience all that a prostate stimulator has to offer, then you need to master some advanced moves.

If you learn the proper techniques, you can achieve something known as a Male G-spot orgasm. This is a special type of orgasm that is triggered more by massaging the prostate than it is by the stimulation of the penis. This may sound off – after all, we’re used to getting all of our sexual pleasure from the penis. However, the prostate is actually a very important part of sexual enjoyment and it can provide some of the most intense orgasms.

There’s one particularly big advantage to the Male prostate orgasm. Most guys are familiar with the “refractory period” that comes after a normal orgasm. Basically, it’s a feeling of super sensitivity that prevents men from engaging in sexual activity for a time after having sex. This can last just a few minutes or a few hours. What’s great about prostate orgasms is that they do not trigger it at all! This lets men overcome one of the biggest problems that they have with sex – the fact that it is over too soon!

The technique for a prostate orgasm isn’t terribly difficult, but it will take some practice. You’ll also definitely want a prostate massager, preferably one of the more advanced models. Check out for more tips on prostate play and to learn more about the different prostate toy models.