High end Prostate Stimulators

Once a product becomes established, there is always a demand for the guy who has to go one better. This even applies to anal sex toys such as prostate stimulators. For some, straightforward silicone just won't do. If they are going to insert a prostate stimulator in their anus, it has to be a precious metal.

The gold and diamond prostate plug is a typical case in point. It's a prostate stimulator made from shiny gold plate complete with an embedded diamond gem on the handle. It's just one of a new breed of anal sex toys for guys who refuse to be anything but flashy.

This particular male sex toy costs a mere which is nothing compared to the required to buy a stainless steel dildo and prostate stimulator that comes apart to release a ring studded with 117 diamonds. Each butt plug or prostate stimulation device is made in France to the specifications of the client. The company that makes them also claims to have a waiting list.

In fact the sensations experienced are going to be very much the same whether you opt for a low cost male g-spot stimulating tool or a precious metal one.

The Mangasm range of prostate stimulators are made from high quality silicone, proven to be smooth, and reliably washable, which is vital because every time you use an anal sex toy it is important to disinfect the toy after each use.

That's because whatever money you pay for your prostate stimulator, you are still going to get invisible bacteria building up on the toy which can spread disease and germs. Because anal sex toys need to be washed with disinfectant after each session great care would need to be taken with a gold plate prostate stimulator that the gold plate does not chip off.