Sex Stimulators from beginning to end

When it comes to sex stimulators, we've all got to start somewhere, and big isn't usually the place to start. In the sex toy world, the male G-spot orgasm has more to do with anal sex play than they are to do with penis play. But for those who have never put anything inside their anus, the beginner's kit is probably the best place to start - like a good story, it makes sense to begin at the beginning and work your way towards a big and happy ending:

Ben Dover Butt Breaking In Kit

Anal sex can be highly exciting and rewarding because the nerve endings and muscles around the anus can feel fantastic when stimulated. Ben Dover has a range of sex stimulators created for those new to anal sex. It's a training kit to guide you and your partner into anal play at a comfortable pace.

Tiny Passion Twisters Butt Plug

The Tiny Passion Twisters Butt Plugs may be small, but these sex stimulators deliver huge amounts of pleasure. These phthalate free butt plugs come in 3 shapes and their 3.5 inch shafts are flexible and super soft.

Tush Trainers Intermediate Anal Plug

Sturdy and pliable with quiet vibrations, this powerful, multispeed anal prostate stimulator has a designer appearance. It's a 3.5 inch long twisted anal stimulator which is jelly soft and has a durable suction cup base.

Heavy Metal Butt Plug

This one is for the more experienced enthusiast. An anal sex toy that is extremely solid and easy to disinfect. It delivers four inches of anal gratification with a smart chrome metal.

Cupid's Fleche Vibrating Butt Plug

Finally, a 100% silicone butt plug that comes with a mega powerful 7 function speed power pack. Definitely not one for beginners. This sex stimulator is fully waterproof and measures 4 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter at its widest point.