The adult anal toys in this article took my orgasm to new heights

For a long while, I didn’t know that adult anal toys existed that were designed just for men. As a matter of fact, the porn industry had taught me that anal sex was something that only dirty couples and lesbians were into. I mean, of course I knew that there were certain types of guys that were into that, too, but I don’t often think about that kind of thing. When my wife had asked me if I wanted to try anal, I got really excited. I thought we were about to turn a corner and become one of those dirty couples that explores the most taboo sexual experiences. Little did I realize what she really had in store for me.

You see, she had bought some adult anal toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate. I didn’t even know they existed, like I already said. I had no idea what the prostate was, either. I thought that the male orgasm was entirely controlled by the balls and that when they got heavy with sperm that they would rush out through the hole in your dick. If I had any idea what a sensual prostate stimulation was or how it was involved in the process of climaxing, I probably would have been more prone to explore these toys sooner. Thankfully, my wife likes to learn new techniques by reading various magazines and websites, and she had learned about it for me.

You know, come to think about it, I probably would have never even been open minded enough to try adult anal toys that are designed for prostate stimulation if she hadn’t asked me about it. I just don’t think that it would have seemed that appealing to me. But, since she wanted to go for it, and it was certainly something dirty and taboo, I figured we would give it a try. I also had some plans of my own. I thought that after I let her go at my butt that it would only be fair if she let me plunder hers, too.

Well, wouldn’t you know that I enjoyed the experience so much that I never even bothered to ask her if I could have anal sex with her after that? I mean, this toy, I think it is called the Mangasm buzz, was in there without even the slightest discomfort. As soon as it was in me the prostate was being stimulated and it felt like I was having a mini orgasm. That is because most of the feelings of your orgasm originate in the prostate, and they radiate from there. Within just a few moments I was full of semen and ready to burst. My wife is a real trooper, and she was giving me a blow job while using the toy. She usually swallows, but there was so much juice that she couldn’t get it all down and started coughing. There was a huge mess to clean up when we were done.

I’m a huge fan of sensual prostate stimulation now. I had never really thought that I would like having a toy in my ass, and I’m sure most guys don’t, either. But I also know that any guy who is bold enough to experiment with this method is going to like it and change his mind. My wife asked me if I wanted to give her anal sex recently, and I told her that I was up for it, but that she shouldn’t expect the same experience that I get from using my prostate massage toys.