How A Woman Chooses Anal Toys for Men

Choosing anal toys for men is very different from choosing your own sex toys, although the end result (pleasure) is very similar. If you want to get your guy turned on and start pleasing him with the right toys, then you have to know what it takes to make the perfect toy for your guy’s ass. If you have the tips in this article, then you will be well on your way to getting him to spread his cheeks so that you can stimulate his prostate for the ultimate orgasm.

In this article, you should learn how to:

• Identify proper anal toys for men
• Choose the best toy for your guy
• Introduce your guy to the idea of having a prostate orgasm

The first thing you will notice about anal toys for men is that they look very different to what you might be using on your own vagina. This is because the inside of the male anus is very different than anything resembling a vagina. When it comes to stimulating a guy’s ass, you don’t really want to focus on going in and out. While vibrations can help, there is obviously no clitoris on the ass hole, meaning you aren’t going to worry about stimulating that, either. Little bullets just aren’t going to cut it.

What you really want to find is a g-spot sex toy that is designed with the male anatomy in mind. These will generally be quite wavy (as opposed to your toys, with all of their gadgets and appendages) and they will have a bulbous tip. When inserted into the anus, male anal toys actually stimulate the prostate through light pressure.

These toys will also tend to have a “safety mechanism” at the base. The best toys (like the mangasm Rush) will also have a perineum stimulating wand. This is a part of the “safety” mechanism that also has a bulbous tip. It helps to stimulate the prostate from outside, as well as the inside.

If your guy is timid, or if you haven’t talked to him about this yet, then you really want to go with a smaller toy. Check out something like the mangasm alpha. This toy is designed for the first timer. Make sure you also have plenty of lube. If he is into the idea, though, just go ahead and jump into a toy like the Buzz or if you are really adventurous you can try the “electro” which will give you the opportunity to stimulate him through small electrical pulses.

What you need to do if you are going to get your guy on board with using male anal toys is explain the benefits. Don’t even worry about the health benefits, because most younger guys aren’t interested in talking about prostate cancer. Instead, explain that the majority of the fluid that comes out during an orgasm does not come from the balls, but from the prostate gland.

When you explain that stimulating this gland with one of these toys will allow him to experience a longer, more powerful orgasm with more cum than he could dream up, he will probably be interested.

If he is really resistant to the idea, make a wager with him. Tell him that if you can try it three times and he doesn’t think that the orgasms are the best he has ever had, then he can have anal sex with you three times. This will get most guys eager to give it a shot. Make sure you are ready to try it, though, before you introduce prostate sex toys into the bedroom.