The top three Mangasm prostate stimulation toys

The Mangasm brand of toys recently burst onto the scene of male g-spot massages and they have been shaking things up. There is a lot of discussion on the popular prostate stimulation forums each time they release a new toy. Most of these revolve around debates on what the best butt plug toy is. Of course, the answer to that question depends on you and what you want to accomplish with your toy. The author of this article took some time to look into the most popular toys as well as finding out why they were so hot.

In this article, you will read about:

1. The Mangasm Alpha
2. The Mangasm Voyager
3. The Mangasm Electro

The best thing about these toys is that they are designed specifically for prostate stimulation. You don’t have to worry about funky angles or awkward insertions. The bulbous or j shaped tip on every one of these toys is designed to hit the prostate with the right amount of pressure upon entry. This is way better than using a normal vibrator or some other toy to get off through prostate stimulation.

The alpha was designed with the first time prostate player in mind. It is small, but features the right shape and bulbous tip to start your stimulation quickly. It is also made of a firm, yet soft material. The firmness allows it to be easily inserted into the anus, but the softness of the material allows it to adapt to the contour of your body.

When you start to spasm during your orgasm, it will conform to the shape of your cavity, helping to put more pressure on the prostate, meaning your orgasm will automatically become more powerful and last longer. It is a great toy for the first time user for all of these reasons.

The Voyager is one of the biggest toys available on the market and features several different intense modes of vibration. While a new comer could enjoy this toy, it is really meant for the guy who already knows what he likes.

The toy is pretty large and features a j shaped tip. It does take a bit more experience to stimulate the prostate, and it requires two hands in order to maneuver the toy and control the vibrating functions. One thing that people like about this toy is using it in combination with oral sex. While your partner is working your pole with his or her lips, you can control the toy and the vibrating controller. It is recommended that you maximize the vibrating intensity just before your orgasm and then ride the wave of pleasure straight to the moon.

The electro is one of the most innovative toys ever created in the prostate stimulator market. It may very well be the only one of its kind. It uses mild electrical impulses to stimulate the prostate. It also features a j shaped tip so that you can combine the electrical stimulation with pressure based methods. Just like the voyager, one of the best things you can do is ramp up the amount of stimulation right before orgasm. A short, powerful pulse to the prostate will cause it to constrict at the time of orgasm, resulting in a super powerful blast of your man juice. The orgasms are legendary.

When you are ready to start experimenting with these orgasmic prostate toys, you can definitely order them discreetly through the manufacturer’s website. Get two or three of them and be ready to get to the next level once you get used to whatever you are currently using. Also grab some lube to make the insertion of your Mangasm toy even easier.