More Toys for Sex in China than there is tea

A few years ago there was practically no choice in toys when it came to the men's market. Today men just have to go online, Google men's sex toys or toys for sex, and within seconds they will be able to view page upon page of choice from dozens of online sex stores.


Sales of toys for sex are booming both for men and for women. Manufacturers have quickly woken up to the fact that there is big money to be made from toys for sex, particularly for men, and with China able to offer cheap raw materials and cheap labor, the vast majority of toys for sex being shipped from there.


It seems the key to successfully marketing toys for sex is choice; lots and lots of choice. Manufacturers are happy to produce dozens of different products, even if they do more or less exactly the same thing. Fake vaginas, for example, come in a wide and ever expanding array of choice, some porn star endorsed, some not. The result is page after confusing page of pocket pussies on several different sex store websites. From no choice a few years ago for guys, there are simply too many toys for sex out there today.


The choice of porn star endorsed toys for sex continues to grow by the day. How many porn stars are endorsing fake vaginas and pocket pussies? Almost as many as there are porn stars, and some of the bigger stars promote several different toys and some have different toys for sex on offer from different manufacturers.


Meanwhile in China, several thousand buyers flock there every year wandering the floors of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center visiting booths displaying the latest in dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, blow-up dolls, anal beads, pocket pussies and latex fetish gear.


Orders continue to increase, and Western designed patented products are being manufactured by several small but very busy factories. In fact China now provides 70% of the world's toys for sex. While the bulk of the toys for sex are for export, a growing share is now being sold domestically, to a population that has never had as much money and freedom to experiment.