Identifying a male g spot sex toy is pretty easy

If you want to learn how to identify and purchase a male g spot sex toy, then this is the article for you. This article was submitted by one of our visitors, who has reportedly purchased and used over twelve different types of male g spot toys. The author has generously provided his best tips, as well as a guide on what these toys should look like.


Taking the time to review the products mentioned in this guide may also help you identify those that are best suited for your level of experience.


In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Clearly identify a male g spot sex toy
  2. Choose the right male g spot sex toy for you
  3. Determine when it is time to get a new male g spot sex toy


While most guys who are reading this article already know about prostate stimulation, they may not have actually seen one of these toys. While they do sort of look like a dildo or vibrator, there are some key differences. For one, they tend to have wavy textures and several different “bulbs” along the shaft. They culminate in one large bulb that is actually used to stimulate the prostate. They also tend to have a safety ring around the base, because guys just don’t like going to the ER to have their toys surgically removed! It’s quite a relief knowing that you won’t have this experience with a real prostate toy.


The right toy for you is determined by your current comfort level, as well as the amount of experience you already have. Guys who have been using their fingers (particularly those who have used two or more in the past) are probably able to just jump right into using larger, more advanced toys. But for the more timid, or guys who are less experienced, check out a toy like the Mangasm Alpha. This toy will give you plenty of experience before you decide to move on to its larger brother, the Rush, and its more exotic cousin, the Buzz. If you have just looked at all three of these toys (which I recommend) then you will see the bulbs that I have previously described.


So, how do you know when it is time to get a new toy? Well, there are two times when this may happen. First of all, you have to keep your toy clean. If your toy ever gets dirty to the point where you can’t clean it, then you need to replace it.


More importantly, though, some toys will eventually wear out. This is uncommon, and it happens the most with electrical or battery powered toys. If you notice that the stimulation provided by the vibrating or electronic mechanism is reduced, and replacing the batteries doesn’t resolve the issue, you need to order a replacement.


Being the big fan of prostate stimulation that I am, I always have at least one spare toy on hand. This means that if mine were to fail, I could quickly replace it while waiting for the new one to come in the mail. It’s your decision to do this or not, but I can tell you that once you start experiencing these types of orgasms, you probably won’t want to go back to the old method.


It’s a good idea to place an order for more than one toy if you are going to be ordering your first one. While toys like the Alpha are great for getting started, you will quickly want more. Having something like the Mangasm Spark ready to go will allow you to go to the next level of using your male g spot sex toy stimulation quickly.