Anal toys can improve the quality of your orgasms significantly

Take a look at the anal toys that are available on and you will notice something strange. They don’t look like the toys that you see that are usually for women. They don’t resemble butt plugs. There is a set of anal beads, but rather than having a soft string connecting each of them, they have a firm material between them so that they maintain a curved shape. You will also notice that none of the toys look like dicks, and most of them have a strange little base on the bottom.

These anal toys look so strange because they are designed for prostate stimulation, as opposed to vaginal stimulation. The people at Mangasm have put a lot of time and effort into figuring out just what shape each toy needs to be to apply the right amount of stimulation to the prostate gland. Thanks to their research, you can lube up and pop one of these toys inside and have plenty of stimulation while you are fucking or beating off. Within a few moments your prostate gland will fill with a ton of semen and you will be ready to blast off. If you ever dreamed about sending your sperm to the moon, then using a prostate stimulator is the best way to do it.

Now, before I had heard about anal toys for men, I wasn’t really sure that anyone used them except gay guys. I have absolutely no qualms with guys who are into other men, but I just wasn’t interested in taking a walk on the wild side. I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. But my wife actually came home with a package one day and asked me if I was ready to try something new. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, so I asked her. Instead of giving me an honest answer, she told me that I had to stay open minded and let her show me something that I had been missing out on my whole life.

Dude… I thought she was bringing me some kind of foreign cuisine. I had no idea that she was going to pop a male g-spot toy in my ass. If I had, I probably would have told her to keep it to herself and I wouldn’t have gone for it. But, I promised that I would stay open minded and let her give it a shot. So when we got to the bedroom that night and started getting freaky, I asked her what happened to that package. She told me that she was getting ready to use it. I thought it was something for her. Well, anyway, she pulled it out, lubed up, and popped it in without so much as the blink of an eye.

I think if I had more time to realize what was going on I would have prevented her from giving it a go. But it happened so fast and the good feelings were so intense that I was thrown into shock. The ecstasy was so intense. Before I knew what was happening a gusher of sperm was bursting out of the tip of my cock and she was getting covered in sperm. She started laughing with pleasure. She really likes it when I have massive orgasms, and she got turned on to the idea of using an anal prostate stimulator after reading an article.

The toy that she brought home was the Mangasm Rush. This isn’t an entry level toy, like the Alpha, so start with that if you are nervous about using male prostate massagers. But give it a try. I am absolutely sure you won’t regret it.