Excuse me, but where is the male g-spot?

Ask any guys about the female G spot and odds are that even though some may not know where it is located, most have heard about it. Ask most guys about the male g-spot and only the more sexually switched on among them will have a clue. The fact is that this masculine erogenous zone has not been very well publicized over the centuries, and is not taught about much in schools and colleges. It's just not top of most guys' minds, even though sex is.

That however is starting to change as awareness of keeping the prostate healthy becomes recognized as an important part of men keeping healthy. Did you know that prostate cancer can creep up on men in middle age without you being aware of it? Early awareness of what the male g-spot is and where it is located is a very useful lesson to learn.

So where is the male g-spot? It's called the prostate and it's located about two inches inside the anus, just below the bladder towards the root of the penis. Its primary function is to assist in the production of seminal fluid which helps to protect sperm as it enters the vagina. The prostate is roughly the size of a walnut and if you probe your anus you will feel the prostate gland as a bump. You cannot touch it directly but you can put pressure on it. This can produce strong sexual sensations, and with a good prostate massager anal sex toy such as the Mangasm, you can continue to apply the pressure at will and produce some of the most intense sensations you will ever have experienced.

You will wonder why you didn't discover where the gspot for men was a long time ago. However it is never too late. Prostate massage does require a little patience to begin with, and certainly a gentle touch.